APT Asset Management offers a full array of financial consulting and investment advisory services. Our range of services and flexible compensation models provide you with options not always found with traditional brokers and insurance agents. As independent advisors, we are able to work with you in the way that is most comfortable and suited to your needs.

  • Financial Consulting Services
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Other Services

Financial Consulting Services
Our consulting services are designed to assist with the challenges that arise from the accumulation, protection, and transfer of assets. Such services include:

  • Develop a financial plan* 
  • Personal and business insurance review  
  • Income tax assessment and abatement
  • Estate planning
  • College savings strategies
  • Corporate benefit planning
Financial consulting is a great fit for those who desire assistance with financial planning beyond investment management.

APT Asset Management is compensated for our financial planning work through an initial fee based on the complexities of your situation. You will typically require more planning services as your net worth increases. Again, we offer flexibility in how we structure this relationship. In addition to devising your financial plan, you may wish to engage us to manage your assets either for a set annual fee or as a percentage of the assets we manage for you.

*As you'll learn from viewing our Philanthropy section of this site, when you contract with APT Asset Management to develop a financial plan, we donate 50% of the initial financial planning fee to the charity of your choice.

Investment Advisory Services
Our investment advisory services provide you with the benefit of expert investment guidance and consistent oversight to ensure your money is working toward your goals. To that end, we do the following:

  • invest_advisory
    Assess your tolerance for risk in the context of your goals. That is, we find a balance of risk and opportunity for your investment allocation.
  • Develop an asset allocation plan, focusing on diversification to ensure we are mitigating risk where possible.
  • Recommend and implement best-of-class investments from the full universe of options.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of your portfolio(s), rebalancing as necessary.
  • Grant you access to state-of-the-art reporting capabilities; you can access portfolio performance relative to relevant benchmarks, realized gains, holdings summaries, and much more from anywhere, any time through our website.

The diagram illustrates the investment advisory services offered through an advisory account. The costs for management are based upon your investable assets, which firmly establishes a model where I prosper when you prosper. You never have to question a trade or product decision.

Other Services
We recognize that every client's situation is different and not everyone will qualify for, or prefer, an advisory arrangement. In these situations, and with mutual agreement, we may be compensated on a commission basis. Regardless of which compensation structure or combination thereof we agree upon, all fees and or commissions are disclosed upon engagement and we pursue only your best interests.

Accounts may also be subject to various custodial and transactional fees.